pensiveWelcome to NaomiKramer.com! I’m in the middle of redecorating at the moment. Here’s what I’m trying to put together for your viewing pleasure:

  • A wiki for all of the series, books, characters, etc that I’ve created.
  • An estore in which you can buy any of my books via PayPal, secure in the knowledge that a) you can email me for help if there’s a problem and b) that almost 100% of your payment goes straight to the author.
  • A ‘pay with a like’ section containing articles and short stories. Basically, it’ll display excerpts from the available content, and all you need to do to read the full text is to share it on a social network. Why? Well, some of my writing is too short for me to feel comfortable selling it, but I still want people to be able to read it. And your sharing the link with your social network simply helps me to increase the number of people who are exposed to my work – hopefully leading to more regular readers! :-)
  • A new blog in which I ramble, blather, and occasionally say something pithy and to the point.
  • Some fun stuff to play with!