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New DEAD(ish) Allsorts Story!

Mike escaped from Barb’s torment with a well-aimed bullet to his brain. But life doesn’t end at death, and Mike’s now stuck in Hell with the exact person who was out to get him all along. ‘Not a happy camper’ […]

Announcing DEAD(ish) Allsorts!

DEAD(ish) Allsorts is a series of short stories that fill in gaps between and around the DEAD(ish) books. Unlike the main series, they aren’t murder mysteries, and they might not be humorous, as such. But if you’ve ever wondered how […]

Latest Releases!

Oops! It’s been a while since I updated this blog, eh? On the bright side, it’s because I’ve been hard at work getting stories written and out the door. Here’s what I’ve released in the last month: DEAD (and hellbent) […]

Coming Soon…

New DEAD(ish) book! DEAD (and hellbent) will be released near the end of the month… once I beat a recalcitrant cover into submission. :-D  This latest instalment in the DEAD(ish) drama takes us back to everyone’s darling (*cough* *splutter*), Mike. […]

Who Likes Short Shorts?

Having free time to write is awesome. I’ve been working on the next DEAD(ish) book, plus a vampire novel… but I’ve also had a chance to finish and polish up a couple of short stories: A Very Bogan Christmas (available […]

(imminently) DEAD Out the Door!

I did it! I kicked that little pain in the arse out the door to fend for itself. Errr… in normal person’s language, I released an ebook on Friday.  It’s had some positive comments from beta readers, so I’m hoping […]

Oh the Agony of Ebooks…

I’m feeling a mite frustrated. I’ve been trying to find the simplest, least-likely-to-fuck-up solution to creating .epub and .mobi files. They’re the files you download when you buy one of my ebooks. And the formats have been around for years, […]

It’s Not All Lazing About

The phrase ‘working from home’ often makes people think of lazing about on a lounge chair with the TV on and a laptop on one’s lap for appearances’ sake. Me, I’m slightly workaholic. I do take breaks to play Guild […]

OMG, So Much Time!

You might’ve noticed that I seem to’ve rejoined the world over the last month or so. Well, apart from having worked through some stuff that kept my head busy for a couple of years… I also have time galore to […]


I love book covers. Love them to bits. Except when I get sick of them, and decide that they’re boring and need renovation. I guess they’re a bit like bathrooms that way. Anyhow, here’s the latest: