It’s been a long time.

I haven’t published. I haven’t posted. I wouldn’t blame y’all for thinking I was dead.

On the bright side, I’m not. I’ve just been working through some pretty major upheavals in my personal life, and trying to realign myself with the world in general. No promises that I’ve succeeded, but I’m feeling a bit more stable now. And I have some ideas on what I can do with this website. Like sharing works-in-progress so y’all can tell me what you think as I go – if you like that sort of thing. See, personally, I hate reading anything but a near-finished product. But not everyone’s like me (listen to the huge sigh of relief from all who know me! :-D). Sound interesting? I’ll put up some links soon. If you like the idea, have a look. If you’d prefer to wait until I actually get around to publishing stuff, I completely understand.

Anyhow… I hope this post heralds better communication from me to you. *fingers crossed*