Mike escaped from Barb’s torment with a well-aimed bullet to his brain. But life doesn’t end at death, and Mike’s now stuck in Hell with the exact person who was out to get him all along. ‘Not a happy camper’ is an understatement.

This is the third short story in the DEAD(ish) Allsorts collection of short stories. Timeline-wise, it follows DEAD (and hellbent).

Warning: Contains copious foul language. Not suitable for children.

This third short was awesome fun to write. There’s something about Mike as a character that makes it so much fun to think up ways for the gals to torment him. If you ever wished he’d suffered a bit more… you might just love this short story. :-D

If the DEAD(ish)/Allsorts timeline is starting to get a little confusing, here’s a guide to the books and short stories currently available: